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Our Programs

Programs: Programs

LUX Fellows

Mentor Program

Our qualified mentors are able to provide encouragement, guidance and one on one support to students that need it most. Whether a student is going through a rough area or a student is ready to launch their own business, LUX Fellows are everywhere.

Women Holding Hands

The "Spec" Light

After School Program

Building the next generation does not stop once the school day is over. The "Spec" Light not only gives students the opportunity to sharpen their skills and talents, but it also showcases new ways they can engage with the community in a fun, safe space.


Travel Rewards Program

In school field trips are becoming less and less prevalent in today's educational system. Purple Spark students are eligible to participate in FireWORKS. This program  is designed to expose students to new experiences through the year. 

Our Strategy

Purple Spark is in the business of changing a shaping young lives. The work we do is aimed at providing a holistic approach to support. We make sure our students are igniting their ultraviolet potential by creating opportunities for OUR FOUR Es:


"Let's Go Do It!"


"I Can Do It!"


"You Can Do It!"


"What Is It?"

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